Philosophy & visions

Working, building houses, planting trees, and giving new life. People in everyday life are prisoners of their habits. Therefore, the values of soothing relaxation are increasingly becoming the focus of their existential needs. For vacation time, more and more people are looking for high-quality recreational destinations: vastness, light, harmony, inspiration, variety, and simply feeling the sun in your heart for a few days. It is no longer important to be as far away from home as possible. It is only important to find a lovely spot that does you some good and soothes your soul.  

When many small values come together to create a big picture, our vision of a vacation will become a reality. It was important to us to create a small, individual, authentic place, where everyone feels comfortable - where people can escape the pressure of their challenging work environment and where fun-loving people can take a time-out. 

"Simplify your holidays!"

No pressure, no dos & don'ts, no musts, only wants! No stress and no appointments and no having to do this & that,because it is included in the price. In our small refuge with 8 luxury apartments and small Saunarium as a calming retreat, we would like to convey the spirit of the times, a sense of freedom, and pure fun in a relaxed manner. For those who have no time throughout the year, this is a place where you can do whatever you want whenever you want. Endlessly sleeping in, daydreaming, and gazing from the gorgeous balcony without a care in the world - never being disturbed by anyone and simply enjoying yourself. We value a private atmosphere for our guests and love seeing them enjoy their vacation to the fullest with our friendly yet unobtrusive service. 

That's happiness for us!