Relaxation for body & soul...

Wellness in the mountains

After a day full of sports & wonderful nature experience in the mountains... take some time to relax and enjoy a Finnish-style hot air bath. Let yourself be pampered by the soothing warmth and alluring fragrances of the aromatic steam bath, which refreshes your skin, strengthens your immune system, and invigorates your senses.

A session in the sauna promises well-being and relaxation with many health benefits:

With the heat in the sauna, endorphins are released. In addition, the high temperatures help you to breathe more evenly, which allows you to feel more relaxed. The finest fragrances also have a positive effect on your mood. 

In our Saunarium with vitalizing Finnish pine sauna (95°C) and pleasantly scented herb blossom steam bath (45°C), you can recharge your batteries and gain new strength - to your heart's content from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm - all-inclusive! Comfy bathrobes and sauna towels are available! And if you aren't much of a sauna-goer, you can enjoy a nice, relaxing bath with our soothing all-natural care products by Stop the water while using me in the bathtub in your apartment.